Hello, heroes!

This is (pause for dramatic effect) . . . Hero Cool! What you are looking at is just my temporary website. The REAL website is being constructed in a Top Secret lab at an undisclosed location … and is MUCH cooler! As I’m sure you know, I am a Super Adventure Hero and host of The Hero Cool Super Radio Show. My radio show is a web-based audio program that features my super adventure missions along with other surprise antics that are “insanium in the cranium”! (now, I actually own the rights to that phrase, but feel free to use it around the house). You can join in my weekly Imaginary Adventures that help build a healthy imagination for kids, that demonstrate great moral values, and that provide a positive role model who encourages kids to be a hero in their own world. Just how powerful is imagination? I will tell you in a second, but first, do NOT turn around! There is a ninja sneaking up behind you. Look at the lower left of your monitor and you can see his reflection. You may have to squint. Okay, on the count of 3, I want you to very quickly throw your right elbow backwards and we will take the ninja out. Ready? Don’t look! 1 . . . 2 . . . 3! BOOM! You got ‘em! Good work, hero! You vaporized him into thin air! Anyway . . . what was I saying about imagination? Oh! It’s a VERY powerful tool! Join me on The Hero Cool Super Radio Show if you wish to take your brain on Adventures In Imagination that have “Coolness . . . to the FULLNESS”! (sorry, that phrase is also protected, please limit yourself to saying it 5 times day – thanks!) Hero Cool . . . out!

More Excitement More Excitement

Audio stories do more to develop brain-power than video. When listening to stories, our minds and emotions create a better, more exciting picture than anything that can be captured by video – heroes are more heroic, bad guys are badder, monsters are more hideous, princesses are prettier and the danger and excitement are more life-like.

Creative Imagination Creative Imagination

The Hero Cool Super Radio Show is an internet-based audio program created to entertain children ages 3 to 10, while exercising their brain’s imagination – much like the classic radio shows of the thrilling days of yesteryear.  With Hero Cool guiding the story, the height of the adventures are only limited by the listener’s imagination.

Join the Action Join the Action

The Hero Cool Super Radio Show is currently in production and will be available soon. Each week, members will receive a new episode of the show which can be enjoyed on devices of all kinds. Membership also allows access to creative activities with free audio downloads, games and all kinds of cool superhero stuff.

Coming Soon – The Hero Cool Super Radio Show

To join Hero Cool’s adventures, you’ll be able to subscribe to a Hero Cool membership for just $7.95 a month.

Hero Cool™ also challenges kids to use imagination during their own playtime by having them imagine their own superheroes. Our “Cool Heroes” area allows kids to submit their hero ideas and possibly win a mention on the show.

Check back soon for action and excitement in a series of radio adventures.


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